Spiritual Love Spell Casting to Reunite Lovers, Stop Your Divorce, Bring Back an Ex Lover & More!

Hello, friends. I am currently accepting a very LIMITED AMOUNT of new spell casting requests. I am very busy, and I can only take on cases that meet my special type of requirements. I am not here to play games with anyone, and I am only here for people that are SERIOUS about getting my help and can PAY AND AFFORD MY SERVICES. Do not contact me if you want a free or cheap spell, because you won't get it here.

I have been in business for 25+ years, and I have helped people from all over the world with my line of work. So, do not insult me with your requests for free spells or try to get me to go down on my prices. If you simply can't afford the service, then leave it alone and don't bother contacting me.

Here are my guidelines and requirements for REQUESTING & HIRING my services. If you don't meet and accept all these rules, DO NOT CONTACT ME, please:

1. You can afford to pay for expensive spell work. My spells start at $500.00 USD but can go up to the thousands depending on how difficult your case is. Plus, there is NO REFUNDS after you pay for your spell. I work very hard and the materials that I use are very expensive to cast these spells, so I do not offer refunds.

2. You understand the possibility that if your case is quite difficult to solve and that you need more help and guidance to bring resolution to your problem, that you will BE CHARGED AGAIN for more work. I do not work in overtime for free. If your case is stubborn or very difficult, I will charge you another fee to complete your case. If you do not want to pay again, you don't have to. I will close your case, but you will not get a refund from any previous work that I have performed.

3. You accept and agree that spiritual work is based on faith, positivity and religious practice and that there are NO GUARANTEES that it will work every time. No two cases are the same. So, results may vary from person to person. If you do not see results, it could be a variety of factors that could be affecting the outcome. Which is why results can never be guaranteed for anyone. Any spiritual practitioner that is genuine and honest will tell you that. If someone guarantees that they can give you results, they're most likely a scam.

4. You will not constantly nag or berate me regarding your case, or bother me while I am working. I am not your counselor or therapist to try and make you feel better. I am spiritual psychic and spell caster. I am here to only guide you based on my gifts and abilities. I am not here to provide you with emotional support. You should get that from your friends, family members or licensed therapist. If I feel that you are disturbing me too much or bother me too much with your questions while I am working on your case, I will close your case with no refunds provided.

5. You will follow my rules and guidelines. When I start your case, there will be some additional rules, guidelines and instructions that I will have for you to follow. If you do not listen to my advice and follow with my program, I will shut down your case with no refunds provided. I do not have time to work with someone that will not listen to me or that will give me a hard time.

6. You will have faith and trust in my capabilities. This type of work requires lots of positive energy and even more faith to manifest real results. If you're a negative type person, or have too much doubt or skepticism, then I do not know why you're on my page in the first place. Skeptics, non-believers or people who are "not too sure" about psychics and spells will not benefit from my line of work. I am not here to prove myself to anyone. So, do not contact me and try and "test" me, or ask me to do something to prove to you that I am genuine. I will simply ignore you. I am not here to be insulted or toyed with.

7. You will pay me before I cast your spell. I do not start any spell work for anyone without receiving payment first. Do not request me to do the spell first and then you will pay later when you see results. I do not work that way. Do not tell me how to run my business or how to do my job. I will not change my policies for anyone for any reason. Also, I DO NOT take payment plans! You must pay in full for me to start your case. This goes back to rule number 1, if you can't afford the a service, then do not contact me. It's just that simple.

8. You understand and accept that I DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS. I have been burned too many times by clients trying to steal services from me. I have done the work, and they have gotten their results, and they have disputed payment with paypal or with their credit card companies and received their money back. Fraud can work both ways! I am tired of people taking advantage of me. The only payments I will accept is WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM or Money Orders by mail. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. If you don't feel comfortable using these type of payment methods, then I am not the psychic or spell caster for you. Find someone else who accepts credit cards or paypal.

9. You will not compare me to other psychics, spiritual workers or spell casters. If you have worked or contacted a lot of psychics, spell casters, energy healers, etc., and feel that you may have been ripped-off by them, I do not want to hear about it. What other people may have done or do not do for you is none of my business. I am not those people, and I cannot pay for what they did or did not do for you. I am not a complaint department for you to contact me and tell me how you got scammed or how they ripped you off. You need to contact the people you have worked with and tell them how you feel. Not me. If you try and compare me to others or try and say I am a scam, I will not work with you and block you from contacting me again. I AM NOT HERE TO BE INSULTED OR MESSED WITH! 

10. You are a person that can be calm, positive, listen to my guidance, have faith in the spell casting process and can afford to pay the fees that are required to solve your case. However, you understand in the spiritual world, that nothing is guaranteed and that spell casting is more a spiritual art than scientific method, but you are willing to try and go into this type of process with much positivity and good intentions as possible. If this sounds like you, then PLEASE CONTACT ME for my spiritual help!

If you can agree and accept these rules and requirements, then please feel free to contact me with your love spell request, and I will provide you a price quote for my time and services: